Teton Maple Exchange
Contact: Galen Parke
Address: 8450 S Henrys RD PO Box 2281 Jackson, WY, 83001
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Phone: 307-699-2492
About Us
Bringing Vermont made 100% Pure Maple Syrup from my family farm to Jackson Wyoming. Bought in 1979, my father Adam Parke has worked dawn to dusk every day of the week to make the dream of farming work. The farm has seen many uses over the years; dairy, hay, logging, maple syrup, bulk root vegetables, pick your own berries, Christmas trees, weddings and events. After a ten year hiatus from making syrup on the farm Adam dove back in the Spring of 2013.

Teton Maple Exchange was dreamed up as a way to bring together a life in Jackson, Wyoming with family and farm in Vermont.

Vermont Maple Syrup is graded into three grades based upon color, which has a corresponding flavor:

Grade A Golden Delicate:
A lighter pure maple flavor with a buttery mouth feel.
Best for topping pancakes, waffles, and desserts

Grade A Amber & Rich:
A stronger maple flavor
Best for all uses, I often call it the 'Goldilocks' of the grades.

Grade A Dark & Robust (Formerly known as Grade B):
The strongest flavor, often with subtle hints of smoke, caramel, or vanilla.
Best for baking or mixing with other ingredients
My father has operated his farm free of herbicides and pesticides for over 40 years setting some early standards for organic farming. Simply because we are living on the land we do not want chemicals in our lives.
Long before there was an organic certification or market for organic milk my parents were milking Ayshire cows without the advantages of hormones, herbicides or pesticides, rather happily choosing a better product over profit. Discouraged by seeing the milk they produced go into the same vats as milk of lesser quality they shifted away from dairy to Maple Syrup. Early on we had our syrup organically certified, but soon became fed up with the certifications bureaucracy and lack of understanding the process of making Maple Syrup. 'it is a lot of money to pay for a feller with a clip board and no clue what he is looking at to come up and let you put a stamp on a product that is so simple you have to be trying really hard to not be organic.' So while we have not subscribed to the program for a while. We have long ago left the galvanized tanks and pans with their lead sodering behind in favor of all stainless steel. We clean our sap lines with vinegar not detergents. Sap is collected, concentrated in an RO and then boiled to the proper density. Simple as that only distilled water is removed.