Killpecker Creek Cattle Co
Contact: Sonja Rife
Address: PO Box 35 Daniel, WY, 83115
Email Address:
Phone: 307-360-3360
About Us
Killpecker Creek Cattle Co. is a family ranch business founded in 2013. The Rifes moved to Daniel, Wyoming to live out the dream of a grass finished beef business. To them, its more than just a business, its a lifestyle. Jason, Sonja and their children spend their days moving cattle, changing electric fencing, horseback riding and working together. Their mission is to connect people to their food by knowing their meat suppliers, and where the meat comes from.
Environmental protection and restorative agriculture are important to us. It’s our promise that we are always striving to improve the land, cattle, biodiversity, air, and water! We pride ourselves on improving the ranch as a whole; when one input is doing well, so is the rest. Everything starts in the soil, by keeping our soil covered with matter (cover crops, sensibly grazed grass and dung), the soil stays moist. This improves the microbes in the soil, making them happy, and keeping our roots strong. Since 2013 when we bought the property, we have noticed grass improvement, cooler temperatures in the soil and a larger biodiversity. By rotating the cattle onto new grass daily in the summer, they are able to eat the top third of the plant, where the sugar, protein and nutrients are, while leaving the rest of the plant enough energy to regrow!