Huidekoper Ranch
Contact: Brent Tyc
Address: 1860 N Huidekoper Ranch Rd PO Box 48 Wilson, WY, 83014
Email Address:
Phone: 307-690-0006
About Us
Since 2016, Huidekoper (Hi-dee-coo-per) Ranch has run a small "Market Garden" on a third-acre of their family horse ranch in Wilson. Inspired by the likes of Eliot Coleman and J.M. Fortier, we work to produce as much food as our small space and our climate will allow and are proud to be growing tasty, nutrient-dense food in and for the community of Jackson Hole.
We grow in a permanent raised bed system with a no-till methodology to build a natural, living soil structure using compost as our fertilizer (we make our own here at the ranch and when needed, buy certified organic compost). We never use pesticides or chemicals and almost 100% of our seeds are certified organic. We grow a variety of produce focusing on cold-hardy, high turnover crops such as baby greens, radishes, turnips, beets & carrots and with a couple of hoophouses, we also produce summer vegetables such as tomatoes, squash, cucumbers and peas. We also grow a handful of varieties of micro-greens in our greenhouse to provide a fresh, nutrient-dense option when its too cold and snowy outside.